Accident as a driver

When we have an accident as a driver we have the possibility to claim material damages and injuries caused by the accident itself. For this, it is very important to write the friendly part correctly, if we do so our chances of success increase, then we will try to summarize the steps.

In the first place, when we suffer an accident as a driver, the first thing to do is take the time necessary to carry out the appropriate friendly part. On many occasions in a hurry, so as not to disturb the rest of the occupants of the road or even because we think that simply taking the opponent’s data helps us to later give the part, we do not carry out the part in the same place of the accident. We have verified on many occasions that there are problems with insurers to pay for material damage or to pay for injuries for not performing the part at the time of the accident. The most common problems that we encounter is that the opposing driver does not assume his fault, or denies participation in the accident, or changes the facts,

When a friendly report is drawn up, we must be cautious and not let the opposite person fill in our data or boxes, since we may find that they are blaming us for the claim and we realize when we have already signed the part.

In part there is a section where the damages and injuries suffered are described, it is necessary to be as explicit as possible when filling in these sections. Insurers tend to take any carelessness in order not to accept blame or make it difficult to pay compensation.

In the event that you cannot agree on how the accident occurred with the opposite driver, you must request the presence of the municipal police or Civil Guard to prepare the appropriate report, taking into account, if possible, that you do not have to move vehicles and check for witnesses.

If the material damage is of a significant amount, the insurer may want to pay us the market value of the vehicle, this happens when the repair value is higher than the market value. But it is also important to know the material damage caused in an accident so as not to have problems when the insurer pays the injuries. Lately, insurers are putting problems to pay for injuries in accidents where material damage is scarce, ensuring that without damage or with little damage, physical injuries cannot occur, when this is not true in most cases.

In the event that the accident has generated injuries, if possible, in addition to indicating it in the friendly part itself, it is convenient to call the emergency services so that they can assess the possible injuries that have been caused at the same time. In the event that the injuries appear later, it is important to go to the hospital as soon as possible in order to issue the appropriate injury report.

The most common injury that occurs in the driver of a vehicle is neck pain, it is because of the impact a whiplash occurs, which generates pain in the neck with possible dizziness, nausea, a feeling of falling asleep. little and ring fingers, ringing in the ears etc … Sometimes these symptoms appear between 24 and 72 hours after the accident. It is very important that the injured person go to the emergency room or their family doctor so that he can assess the extent of our injuries and can refer us to the specialist, describing each and every one of the symptoms that he suffers, and it is very important to also request copy of all documentation. It is also common for other pain to appear such as low back pain, back pain,

We are aware of the difficulties that insureds put in order to correctly process both material damage and injuries caused in a traffic accident either as a driver or as an occupant, that is why it is so important to have an experienced law firm that can help you the victim to overcome these difficulties that you may encounter, even more so when the insurer itself has an amount of money destined to pay the expenses of a private lawyer, the so-called legal defense.