Pedestrian accident

This is one of the most common cases in traffic accidents and mainly occurs in older people.

The cases of accidents with pedestrians highlight their vulnerability within the sphere of vehicle traffic. Legal practice tends to pay special attention to safeguarding the rights of the victim. The costs of claiming an accident can be covered by the legal defense contracted with an insurance company.

For obvious reasons, run over cases are usually the worst physical consequences, although occasionally some cases of motorcycle accidents can be compared to them. But, as a general rule, the fact of being a person hit by a vehicle increases the risk of suffering serious injuries and, therefore, increases the compensation to be claimed. These are cases in which the person is unprotected before a vehicle that has insurance that covers their responsibility.

In cases of pedestrian accidents, the circumstances surrounding the events must be carefully attended to, as there will be occasions when the degree of responsibility of each intervening party may not be clear, that is, it may happen that the pedestrian has recklessly collaborated with the achievement of the accident.

Therefore, whether there have been injuries or not, it is imperative to bring the facts to the attention of the authorities. Notifying the Police or the Civil Guard will help us because, in addition to paying their attention, it will also serve to collect the circumstances and data of the accident, collecting everything in the Report. In the event of doubts regarding guilt, this Attestation may be essential to define the degree of responsibility of each one.

In the first place, once the accident has occurred, both the pedestrian and the driver must remain calm and first attend to the injured, if any, advising the emergency medical services to come to the scene as soon as possible. possible. Likewise, the authorities must be notified so that they go to the place and certify the circumstances of the accident, take data from those affected in it, identify the witnesses and carry out the photographic and technical studies that they consider appropriate to clarify and clarify the responsibilities.

If you are the victim of a run over, the most important thing from the moment of the accident will be to focus on recovering your health, following the medical advice of trusted specialists, but it is also essential to put the case in the hands of a lawyer specialized in claims for hitting pedestrians. This first step will lay the foundations for the future success of the claim, since your legal and medical guidance will be essential so that the chosen path is correct. At this point, there are cases of pedestrians affected by a collision who choose to leave their case in the hands of the insurer of the vehicle that has recklessly caused their injuries. There is no more wrong decision than this. A simple explanation is worth it: the vehicle insurance company will be responsible for paying compensation according to the damage suffered by the pedestrian. If the achievement of the case is left in their hands, obviously the compensation that will be received will be as low as possible, since the person who must face the payment of the compensation is the one who is evaluating all the damages. In this sense, it is essential to outsource all the services of the insurers, both medical and legal.

On the one hand, regarding the medical service, choosing the insurer that must compensate so that it is the one in charge of the timely medical treatment will be an error that will not only affect the possible claim, but also the injured person’s own state of health. . It will always be rewarding for the insurer to offer the most limited medical service possible, and then justify a treatment as short as possible and thus reduce the importance of the injuries of the hit-and-run. For example, with a mild cervical sprain, the treatment will not last more than 5 or 6 rehabilitation sessions, when the normal would be between 20 and 25 sessions for the patient to heal.

On the other hand, regarding the legal service, sometimes certain people have an Insurance Policy that requires an insurer to offer them a free legal service that fully covers the total cost of the claim. In these cases, as in the cases of accidents between vehicles, we find that the insurer, even if it is its own, will look after the interests with those who share a union, that is, with the vehicle insurer, since above any interest external is their own economic survival interest. Therefore, leaving the case in the hands of an insurer is leading the claim to failure.

However, these same Insurance Policies, generally Home Insurance, also contemplate a Legal Defense, with which the pedestrian hit may recover all or part of the Minute of Fees from the legal professional that he freely designates. This clause appears by legal imperative in all the general conditions of this type of insurance so that the victim may freely choose an external lawyer and, after paying his Minute of Fees, claim the reimbursement of the amount from his company. Thus, for example, a pedestrian is hit while crossing a zebra crossing. He makes the decision to leave his case in the hands of a lawyer specialized in traffic matters, obtaining compensation for which he must pay the professional a Minute of € 600. Once you have paid this amount, Claim your insurance company with which you have signed a Home Insurance Policy, which includes a Legal Defense with a limit of € 2,000. After the appropriate procedures, the insurer pays the insured € 600.

Choosing to outsource the legal service will mean, not only freely choosing a lawyer you trust, but also hiring a lawyer whose only professional task is to safeguard the interests of his client, without limitations from any insurance company.