Traffic attorney on commission

When we suffer a traffic accident, the best decision is to be advised by a traffic lawyer, who will guide the injured person correctly to obtain the best possible compensation and the best medical treatment. The doubts come when we ask ourselves how much an expert traffic lawyer can charge us, or if it will be profitable or not to hire a lawyer. We will try to resolve any doubts that may arise.

The important thing is to have an expert traffic lawyer so that we can claim the damages and injuries suffered in traffic accidents, however, on many occasions we find that the first thing the victims ask us is how much the lawyer charges.

Traffic lawyers usually charge, most of them commission , this commission varies depending on each office, each community and the type of case. Like any other service lease where a professional is hired, the recommendation is always not to get carried away by the most expensive or the cheapest, but by the one that transmits, in the visit to your office or in the conversation you have with him, greater confidence, clarity and experience.

There are many offices that carry out this type of procedures, but they are not experts or exclusive in traffic accident claims, so the important thing is that the injured consult with several, in order to have an idea of ​​what type of professionals and what kind of service does each office offer in addition to the commission they may charge.

The commission guarantees that the lawyer seeks the highest compensation for the client , that is why the offices usually charge in this way “Litis Fee”, since through the fee rules of the different Professional Associations of Lawyers it always comes out more expensive than to through the commission based on the compensation received.

It is important that this commission is reflected , as well as other aspects that the lawyer can charge in a professional commission sheet, since the injured person can make sure that later the lawyer does not want to increase the commission, as well as whether or not the commission includes VAT. , attorney, notary, expert, costs, etc.

The experience of almost 20 years of specialty tells us that the code of ethics is a fundamental work guide to maintain the trust of clients, for this reason we make available a copy of the payment conditions for the injured, so that there is no confusion nor misunderstandings, making clear all the possible expenses that have to be taken into account in a claim procedure for injuries produced in a traffic accident. And you should always maintain contact with the injured, explaining each step, so that in no case actions are carried out without the client being aware of it.

Regarding whether or not it will be profitable for us to hire a lawyer who charges a percentage of our compensation, the answer is always yes. It is as simple as thinking that the expert traffic lawyer who charges a commission will always look out for your interest since the more the client charges, the more the lawyer charges. But it is more for those low inertia accidents where the insurer pays before claiming, the injured party will always have the feeling of not knowing if what they are receiving as compensation is the right thing or less.

It must be added that in most cases a legal defense coverage is contracted in the insurance policy , which implies that said insurance has at the disposal of the insured an amount of money to pay the bill or part of it of the lawyer who is choose for the injured. So even if we think that the compensation is small, it will always fall within the legal defense coverage, and in this way we will be able to have an expert lawyer free of charge.

Subsequently, and once the corresponding compensation has been collected by the injured party, the bill of the dispatch must be paid, who issues an invoice and sends it, for those cases in which the option is available, to the injured person’s insurance company in order to that said insurer pays the legal defense expenses to the. Some firms process the management of the insurance claim for the return of the bill paid up to the limit contracted in the policy for free.