Lawyer Luis Guerra Carbajo

Career and university where you have studied : BACHELOR OF LAW (UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA DE MADRID)
Bar Association (the number of collegiate). 46,926 COLEGIO OF LAWYERS OF MADRID

Lawyer since 1989

Practicing as a lawyer for more than 20 years, linked to claims management issues and with significant negotiating skills, both with lawyers from the most important insurance companies and with processors.

Extensive knowledge in legal matters, and civil liability of all kinds, in civil and criminal procedures for traffic accidents.

Promoter of legal advice to traffic injured people immediately through the web as a business mode, and with the aim of bringing the figure of the lawyer closer to the victim of a traffic accident more directly.

Claims for compensation, collection management and legal transactions.

Relations with other associations linked to the world of civil liability (victims, work groups and others).

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