Lawyers specialized in accidents. Inform yourself first.

In the sector of claiming compensation derived from traffic accidents, are there companies that offer their services by making unqualified personnel available to the affected person?

In this article we detail the damages they represent and offer you some steps to avoid them.

The main damage it represents for a person affected by a traffic accident is that during practically the entire processing of their case, it will remain in the hands of people who are not practicing lawyers or who do not have experience in the field of claims for car accidents. traffic.

To obtain the compensation that really corresponds to you, it is always advisable that from the beginning you are medically and legally advised by qualified personnel, who know the judicial procedures as a whole and this is only possible if you have received adequate training.

To ensure that the person representing you is the correct one, we leave a few simple steps at your disposal.

  1. Ask for the collegiate number:  In this way you will be able to know if the person representing you is a registered lawyer by calling the Bar Association. Remember that presenting yourself as a lawyer without being one is a crime classified as “appropriation of titles and honors” .
  2. Find out about this person’s experience in previous cases:  Ask about that person’s professional experience in traffic accident cases. Keep in mind that you have the right to know and choose who you work with.
  3. Ask them to inform you about the steps to follow in the resolution of your case:  You have the right to know in detail each of the steps to follow during the course of your case, as well as the options and rights you have. This way you will not find any unpleasant surprises.

From Accident and Traffic we make the AyT Guarantee available to our clients, so that you have the peace of mind of being in the hands of the best professionals and having the best service.