Accident in Móstoles between bus and fire truck

Last Friday, January 23, 2020, there was a spectacular accident in the Madrid town of Mostoles, in which a fire truck that came to an emergency call, and an interurban bus of line 521 were involved.

The fire truck hit the side of the bus head-on, which was displaced as a result of the collision, hitting a nearby residential building. Although the house has no structural damage, it has been affected by the impact of the bus.

In the incident, a total of 26 people were injured of different considerations, most of them minor, of which 19 were transferred to different hospitals in the area for a medical evaluation. One of the firefighters who were traveling in the crashed truck had a head injury and was admitted with a reserved prognosis to a hospital.

At the moment the causes of the accident are unknown . The fire truck came to a call and according to eyewitnesses it was circulating with acoustic signals and emergency lights activated. The collision occurred at an intersection regulated by traffic lights, and according to the first hypotheses, it intercepted the normal path of the bus, although it will be necessary to wait for the Police to raise the police to determine the causes of the accident.

In any case, the occupants of both the bus and the fire truck may claim the compensation that may correspond to them for their injuries, taking into account that regardless of who was responsible, the condition of occupants guarantees them the perception of compensation always. To do this, they must document their injuries in order to quantify the extent of them, the treatment they need to heal, and the possible sequelae that remain afterwards.

In the case of drivers, it will be necessary to determine first who has been responsible, who will not be able to claim compensation, while the other driver will have the right to receive it in case of having been injured.

In any case, the Attestation must be awaited to clarify the circumstances of the accident. It is important to contact, if you have been injured, a specialist law firm to receive advice from the beginning, with a view to receiving the corresponding compensation.