Who are we AyT?

We are a firm backed by a team of independent lawyers, experts, doctors and attorneys specialized in claiming traffic compensation from civil liability resulting from traffic accidents of all kinds.

Accident and Traffic is a division belonging to the ALT Asesores Legales group , a leading law firm in the legal sector, which has obtained awards as  Best Internet Company in 2009 and which began its professional career in 1993. For this reason, in Accident and Traffic we bet safely on new technologies with the confidence that experience gives us.

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience endorsed by more than 20 years, as well as a recognized professional prestige in different branches of Law, having specialized in the civil liability that derives from the driving of motor vehicles, with extensive knowledge of both the judicial procedures as well as those of the Courts in which these are resolved

Our commitment is to always offer our clients a personalized, direct and professional treatment. Today, more than 50 professionals provide their services in our offices in order to make the necessary personal and material resources available to you at all times. In addition, we are committed to giving a unique treatment and attention in the legal sector – The AyT Guarantee.

We will study your case in depth and we will receive you personally without any cost or commitment. Tell us about your case and we will inform you of the possibilities of claim.

We assume the risks and the responsibility to provide you with the corresponding traffic compensation. Don’t forget, your interests are our interests.

The team of professionals that we put at your disposal will offer you continuous medical and legal advice from the moment you contact us until the end of your case. For us there are no big cases or small cases, each case will have all our dedication and effort. You are our greatest guarantee, we are at your disposal.

Services we offer as traffic lawyers

Accident and Traffic will offer you comprehensive medical and legal advice from the day of the accident until the optimal completion of your case, putting at your disposal a team of lawyers specialized in traffic accidents with extensive experience in the matter. Once you have contacted us by any of the means that we put at your disposal, we will receive you personally and we will inform you without any cost or commitment about the possibilities of claiming your case. When you have put your case in our hands, our team of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents will take care of everything, and we will advise you and, if necessary, accompany you to all the procedures in court that you have to attend. Each type of procedure will have its own procedures, of which we will always keep you informed.

Here are what you should know if you have been in an accident, such as:


Just as the Law requires that we all have a civil liability insurance policy for driving motor vehicles, it also protects the victims of traffic accidents at all costs. As a driver, whenever you suffer a traffic accident, you have the right to receive compensation. Each case is different and each insurance policy includes some coverage, but know that in some cases, even if you are guilty of a traffic accident, you would be entitled to receive compensation.

You will also have the right to repair the damaged vehicle or, where appropriate, to have the market value of the vehicle paid. The objects that he carried in the vehicle and that have been damaged, with the proper accreditation, must also be paid. On the other hand, if you did not have insurance for your vehicle, this does not make you the culprit of the accident, and you can claim the corresponding compensation for the damages caused. As lawyers specializing in traffic accidents, we will always advise you by looking after your interests against insurance companies.

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In the event of a Traffic Accident, the occupants or passengers will always receive compensation, either by the Insurance Company of a third-party vehicle causing the accident, or by the Company of the vehicle where it is traveling as a passenger, if the driver were the cause, then depending on the culprit of the Traffic Accident. In this case, know that if you have to claim the negative consequences for the driver of the vehicle, they are null, because your insurance company will always take care of the compensation.

You do not have to worry, leave your case in our hands, our lawyers specialized in traffic accidents of all kinds will advise you from the beginning.

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If you are hit, know that the insurance company of the vehicle that turns out to be responsible will have to compensate you for all the damages it has caused. The compensation will cover not only the injuries that may have been caused, but also the material damage suffered by the objects that he carried and that have been damaged in the hit. Even if the vehicle that hit you hit the road or did not have an insurance policy, you can claim your compensation from the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

We have lawyers specialized in traffic accidents with extensive experience in the cases of accidents, where the injuries are usually of greater magnitude as the pedestrian is exposed to direct contact with the vehicle responsible for the accident.

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All public transport vehicles with more than 9 seats, by law must have an insurance policy called SOVI (Obligatory Travelers Insurance), which will cover the damages that occur inside when the responsibility of the accident or the cause is the driver or the staff of the company you are traveling with. It is essential to put yourself in the hands of traffic lawyers, with experience in handling these types of claims, so that the claim is effective and the compensation is as high as possible.

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Article 76 d) of Law 50/1980 establishes the free choice of lawyer. For this reason, every insurance policy currently includes a legal defense clause, the purpose of which is to pay you, in whole or in part, the amount of the fees that you have paid to a private lawyer once you have obtained your compensation. In other words, as you have the right to hire a lawyer you trust outside of your insurance company, it has the obligation to pay the expenses generated by hiring said lawyer, procedural costs, etc. We carry out the necessary procedures for you completely free of charge so that you receive the full amount that your insurance company offers you for this concept.

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AyT traffic lawyers guarantee

The AyT guarantee is a commitment that we assume with each of our clients and on which we base our daily work.

At Accident and Traffic (AyT) we have spent many years defending the interests of thousands of clients who come to us after suffering a traumatic experience, such as a traffic accident in any of its variants. We are a specialized team, and we take care of everything to get you to collect the maximum compensation as soon as possible, so that the injured only deal with recovering.

We process cases throughout the Spanish territory . We inform our clients permanently and their satisfaction is our best guarantee. Many of our clients are recommended by other satisfied clients.

Our firm was founded under a fundamental premise that each of our workers knows: “Give the maximum for our clients, because behind each case there is a person.”

With this principle in action, we guarantee each of our clients:

  1. Totally free and confidential consultations: The consultations of our clients will not represent an additional cost and will always be carried out under absolute confidentiality.
  2. If we don’t win, we don’t collect : If we don’t win your case, we don’t collect. We are sure of a job well done and that is why we want our clients to feel the same way. We inform our clients permanently and their satisfaction is our best guarantee. Many of our clients are recommended by other satisfied clients.
  3. Serve the client with honesty, professionalism and without small print : The queries made by our clients are answered honestly and in a way that the client can understand. Suggestions made to you must be realistic and do not represent any commitment on your part. The last word is always with the customer.
  4. All questions will be answered and all the steps to be taken will be explained to the client: We serve our clients permanently, making available to them all the operational means that are within our reach, legal and medical. We study each case free of charge and without obligation. We sign a professional commission sheet, where our fees will be previously agreed. Remember that we only charge if you collect compensation .
  5. Offer the best service in the market : We take very seriously offering the best service to our customers. Our clients will always be treated with courtesy, professionalism and without delay. As soon as you start working with us, you will notice the difference. Calls will be answered without delay. Our lawyers are on call on weekends, to take calls or answer questions.
  6. Carry out our work for the benefit of our client : Many companies only seek their own benefit to the detriment of the client’s benefit. At Accident and Traffic we are committed to fighting to achieve the highest possible compensation for our client, no matter how long it takes us.

For any query, question, doubt or simply to check our AyT Guarantee, call us or visit our offices.

Lawyers Code of Ethics

At AyT we have our own ethical code of action that you can consult in this section: Ethical Code .

Other firms close cases hastily due to lack of scruples or liquidity, reaching hasty agreements with the insurance company, losing part of the compensation amount, taking advantage of the client’s ignorance.

From  Accident and Traffic  we think that each case must be prepared and reviewed independently for a satisfactory result. The important thing for AyT is the client,  do not hesitate.

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