Expert lawyers in traffic accidents

Accident and Traffic (AYT) is a firm formed by a group of lawyers who have specialized for many years in claiming compensation for traffic accidents.

Expert lawyers in traffic accidents with more than 20 years of experience and oriented to study each case in particular to offer you the most complete and personal service. For this reason, at AYT we aim to seek the greatest satisfaction from our customers.

  • Free consultation and under absolute confidentiality.
  • We only charge if we win your case.
  • We act honestly and professionally with our clients and respond to inquiries so that they can understand their concerns.
  • Permanent customer service and advice. We put at your entire disposal all our legal and medical means to help you manage your case.
  • Customer service is our reason for being. AYT attorneys take your calls anytime, with on-call on holidays and weekends.
  • Our expert traffic accident attorneys defend your interests to obtain the best possible compensation for the victim.

AyT’s expert traffic accident lawyers

Some of the expert traffic accident attorneys who work at AYT attorneys:

Traffic attorney Luis Guerra Carbajo

Luis Guerra has been practicing as a lawyer for more than 25 years, during which time he has accumulated experience as a negotiator with lawyers from insurance companies and with processors, as well as extensive knowledge in legal matters, civil liability and civil and criminal procedures for traffic accidents. .

Traffic attorney Natalia Soto

The director of the AYT law firm is an expert in the processing of judicial and extrajudicial claims for civil liability in traffic accidents. Natalia has accumulated extensive experience in Courts, both in defense of victims in criminal and civil trials and in resolving cases negotiating with insurance companies, with significant accumulated success.

Traffic lawyer Joaquín Torres

Lawyer expert in traffic accidents and specialized in criminal procedures, such as misdemeanor trials, alcohol and abbreviated procedures. Joaquín Torres specialized in injury claims and medical processing, and is a collaborator of the Organization of Consumers and Users as an expert in insurance and consumer affairs.

Traffic lawyer Jorge Jabalquinto

More than 500 cases won speak of the excellent professional career of Jorge Jabalquinto, a traffic lawyer with great skills in processing and managing files. Jorge specializes in claiming compensation for injuries and property damage and negotiating with insurance companies and is an excellent negotiator.

Compensation for accidents

At AYT we are experts in claiming compensation for any type of traffic accident. Compensation that includes both personal and material damages, as well as medical or pharmaceutical expenses, lost profits and any other damage suffered.

The personal injury claim processed by the AYT traffic accident lawyers includes the days the victim spends in the hospital, the preventive days and the healing days, as well as the consequences, if any, that are a consequence of the car accident. traffic. Said sequelae can be physical or psychological, and both cases are important to prove with exhaustive medical reports, since the success of claiming compensation depends largely on it.

So that you do not leave any loose ends and that your claim contains all the necessary concepts so that you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an expert traffic accident law firm from the beginning of the process.