How much does it cost to hire a private attorney?

The procedure with a  traffic accident lawyer  can be free in whole or in part, since every insurance policy includes what is known as “ legal defense ”, since  Law 50/1980  establishes the  freedom of choice of lawyer . For this reason, your insurance company offers you a maximum economic amount for defense expenses for hiring a   private traffic accident lawyer outside the insurance company, as well as attorney’s fees, procedural costs, etc. Thanks to the legal defense, our fees will be paid in whole or in part by the insurance company itself once the client has received his  compensation for a traffic accident .

Since you know that our services will be partly free for  you , you can leave us your information in the form or contact us on any of the phones on the page or in the chat. We will answer your query and guide you on the best steps to follow,  without obligation of any kind . Queries are always answered by lawyers specializing in traffic accidents, whatever they may be, so that the advice is as complete as possible.


  • In the first place, because nowadays all motor vehicle insurance policy includes the so-called  ” legal defense” , which is an economic limit that companies make available to the insured to cover the expenses that the hiring of a lawyer may generate. of his trust, freely chosen by him. This amount will cover all or part of the fees that the services of a lawyer may entail, which allows you to choose to hire a  lawyer specializing in traffic accidents , who knows in depth the operation of this type of claims.
  • Second, because the interests of your insurance company are not the same as your own . For example, with regard to material damage to vehicles, initially these will be paid for by your own company, so although it will later claim the company that turns out to be ultimately responsible, it will try to pay the minimum.
  • Third, because  the treatment received  by the insurance company is not usually as desired. Many of our clients tend to show us a clear abandonment by the insurance company.
  • Lastly, remember that the personnel of the insurance company will always look out for the interests of the company and not for those of its policyholders.

For all these reasons, our advice is always that before taking any step the client should put himself in the hands  of traffic accident lawyers . It is essential to process the claim for  compensation for traffic accident  always from outside, never through the company itself.