How to claim in the event of a traffic accident?

First , never put yourself in the hands of insurers. The offer will always be down and will not include all the concepts for which you can claim. The companies have agreements between them, which means that they will look after their own interests, never those of the victim.

Second , look for a  car accident attorney . Get advice on the viability of your case,  options and deadlines . Ask any questions you have and provide the lawyer with all the documentation and information you have about the accident (medical reports, friendly report and / or attestation, witnesses, photographs of material damage, medical bills, taxi and / or any other, policy of your vehicle …).

Experience has shown us that many injured people do not know how to handle a traffic case and therefore make mistakes at the beginning that can complicate the management of their file in the long run. For this reason, it is very important that you inform yourself  first, and the sooner the better .

Third , choose and decide, once you have informed yourself of everything, the procedure or  route by which you want to claim . Be it extrajudicial, criminal (complaint) or going to civil (lawsuit), your lawyer specializing in traffic accidents will tell you which is the best formula to defend your case. And remember:  YOU HAVE THE LAST WORD, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER.

Finally, do not forget that sometimes insurers make a financial offer shortly after the accident occurs.  Don’t accept it until you consult with a  car accident attorney . In 99% of the time, it does not collect even a third of what would correspond to you. Always find out , even if you have an offer, you can claim everything that is not collected in it.

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