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Accident Compensation

The team of  lawyers of Accident and Traffic  are specialists in  claiming compensation for accidents , whether the class is.

Compensation includes both  material damage  (vehicle, total claims, damage to things and personal objects …) and  personal damage  (minor, serious, death, disability, non-pecuniary damage …)

It is claimed for days of hospital, disability and healing, but also for the  consequences derived from the accident. You can make an  estimated calculation of your compensation to get an idea of ​​the amount you could receive.

These sequelae can be physical (functional or aesthetic) or psychological, and must be credited with the medical reports that we will indicate to document your case and obtain the  maximum compensation .

Non-pecuniary damages are also compensated, and compensation is increased by applying the corrective factor that is calculated based on the income of the injured party. We also claim all the medical expenses that you have had derived from the accident, the loss of earnings and any other economic damage that you have suffered.

In Accident and Traffic we advise you so that your compensation contains all the concepts and items for which you have the right to be compensated and include not only the days of hospital, disability and / or cure, but all the consequences that have remained as a result of the accident.

Consult us and you will receive personalized advice immediately to claim your compensation without obligation of any kind, our fees are free, why you can see it in the section How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? .