Keys to be successful in your claim?

Always choose a lawyer specializing in  traffic accidents , independent and unrelated to insurance companies, and go to see him as soon as possible, so that he can advise you from the beginning.

  • Do not try to reach an agreement on your own with the insurance company, in most cases the offer for damages, injuries and consequences that they will make you will be minimal. Don’t forget that the company defends your interests, not those of the injured party.
  • Try to bring to the lawyer at the first appointment all the documentation related to the accident: reports of sick leave, reports and medical documentation proving your injuries, data of the opposite, your vehicle and company, data of the statement if there is one or the friendly part if They signed it, your policy data to verify the coverage you have included, part of the material damage of your vehicle, and in general any documentation about the accident you have.
  • Consult and inform your lawyer of any procedure, letter, medical report or offer that you receive and do not make any decision without consulting him first.

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Do not forget that the most important thing, being the victim of an episode that is not pleasant, and can even be traumatic, such as an accident, is to be advised by a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents, who knows the specialty of this type of case. , and the strategies of insurance companies. We look after your interests so that you only take care of getting back on track as soon as possible.