Lawyers for Car Accident

At AyT Accident and Traffic you aim to get the highest compensation for your car accident. We are specialized because we do not handle other cases that are not related to traffic accidents. Ask without obligation any questions about your car accident.

Accident as a driver

Drivers (car, truck, taxi, motorcycle, etc.) are always entitled to claim compensation, except in the case of the sole fault of the victim. It is essential to act from the first moment, always go to the emergency room even if you do not feel pain at first, so that the injuries appear diagnosed from the beginning.

Find out about the steps to take in the event of an accident . Try not to lose your cool, and try to sign the friendly part with the other driver, filling in all the data and noting if there are witnesses, who can be of great help in case they dispute fault in the accident.

It is essential that you call the Police or Civil Guard so that they raise the appropriate Report, which will also help defend your version of the accident, making sure that they record all the information you provide. Try to read your statements carefully before signing it.

Check the deadlines to claim , both criminal and civil, it is essential that you do not miss the deadlines to be successful in the claim.

Some injured go to the lawyer when they cannot reach an agreement with the insurance company, and this is a mistake, because in that time deadlines may have passed and the injuries and damages may not even have been properly documented.

It is essential that you do not provide any information to the insurance companies about your injuries or evolution, remember that the interests of the companies are their own, never those of the accident victims.

From Accident and Traffic we accompany you throughout the process, you will be medically and legally advised from the beginning, with permanent contact with our lawyers. Fill in the questionnaire and we will answer you immediately, enter our chat and you will have a lawyer on the other side answering every question you have.

Accident as occupant

The occupants of any means of transport always receive compensation, it being indifferent whether they travel in the vehicle responsible for the accident or not.

If you are an occupant with a friend or relative who was guilty of the accident, you can also claim, normally these cases do not go to trial, and if they are held, the fines are minimal, without other consequences for the driver.

In case of doubt about guilt, all drivers involved in the accident must be reported, to guarantee the collection of compensation in any case, regardless of who is responsible for it. If you do not know why you can claim, you can visit our Accident Compensation  section to find out in which cases you can claim compensation.

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