Online traffic lawyers

The Accident and Traffic law firm is made up of online traffic lawyers specialized in traffic accidents, car, motorcycle, hit-and-run or any other accident where there is civil liability.

95% of cases won

We guarantee success in claiming compensation for traffic accidents after reaping up to 95% of cases won over more than 20 years of experience. The ultimate goal is for our clients to obtain the highest possible compensation to which they are entitled for the accident they have suffered, paying special attention to personal treatment and providing the injured person with the means to heal, a fundamental objective.

We fight for the best compensation

At Accident and Traffic we are never satisfied, we always fight for the best possible compensation for our clients. We specialize in claims for car accidents, motorcycle accidents, run over, accidents in public transport and other types of accidents, such as falls in shopping centers or any other accident where there is civil liability.

We do not charge if you do not charge

We are so convinced of the ability of the professionals who make up our team that if you do not collect compensation, we do not charge. For us, you come first, and we fight to defend your rights in the event of a traffic accident.

Check your accident totally free

Because customer satisfaction is our greatest guarantee, consultations are completely free. You decide if you want to put yourself in the hands of the Accident and Traffic team made up of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents.

24 hour lawyers 

We offer a personalized and trustworthy treatment to our clients through a customer service 24 hours a day. Comprehensive service and dedication define our way of working.

Car accident attorneys

Either as a driver or as an occupant, at Accident and Traffic we are experts in car traffic accidents to claim and achieve the best compensation to which you are entitled. We offer you medical and legal advice from the first moment so that you do not feel helpless throughout the process.

Motorcycle accident lawyers

Motorcycle accidents are usually more serious and in many cases companies try to make the responsibility fall on the motorcyclist, so it is very important that in these cases you go to a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accidents.

Accident as a pedestrian due to being hit

Whenever there is a run over there is the possibility of making a claim, even when the pedestrian has crossed a site not authorized for it. In this type of accident, the testimonies of third parties and the presence of both the Police and the Emergency Services are essential.

Bicycle accident attorney

Accident and Traffic legal services also include bicycle accidents. The first thing to keep in mind if you are in an accident as a cyclist is that you have to prove the injuries, often serious, from the first day of the incident.

Serious accidents and deaths

In Accident and Traffic we have specialized to treat traffic accidents in a particularly careful way where the defense of the interests of the families of the victims who have died, as well as people who suffer serious injuries and sequelae that require intervention prevails. effective from the beginning, offering coverage in all areas (civil, criminal, labor, etc.) in which it is necessary to act to guarantee maximum attention in the management of the case and personalized and constant help throughout the process.

Public transportation accident attorneys

When you suffer an accident in public transport you are always entitled to compensation due to the Compulsory Travel Insurance (SOVI), so you should seek the advice of a specialized law firm to follow the appropriate steps and collect said compensation.

Lawyers for accidents on public roads

Accidents on public roads can be due to different reasons beyond our control, such as the poor condition of the sidewalks, the sewers or due to a sinkhole. In such cases, we are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries we have suffered.

Drunk Driver Accidents

If you are involved in a traffic accident where some of the parties test positive for alcohol consumption, you are entitled to compensation. The team of accident and traffic lawyers is specialized in processing claims for drunk driving accidents, so we can guide you on the path to take in this kind of incident.

Defense throughout Spain

Our lawyers are specialized in cases related to traffic accidents, which we have worked and continue to work throughout the national territory with a team of professionals made up of more than 50 people throughout Spain.