Other Accidents

Have you suffered an accident in a Shopping Center or a store, a gas station, in an elevator, stairs, or another place in your home portal, in a school, a theme park, a go-kart circuit or any other place where you have had injuries and it wasn’t your fault?

These assumptions and many others are likely to be processed to claim compensation.

The important thing in these cases is to document the test very well. Almost all of these places where you can suffer an accident have insurance companies, which are responsible for paying compensation for accidents that occur at their facilities.

To guarantee the success of these claims, it is essential to take the first steps in the correct way, since it is necessary to reliably demonstrate that the accident occurs due to some deficiency beyond the victim.

Thus, the essential steps are:

  1. Call the Authorities from the same place of the accident so that they raise a report “in situ”. It is essential not to move from the place until they have arrived, so that they can collect all the data and circumstances surrounding the accident with guarantees that evidence will not be erased or the direct cause of it eliminated.
  2. Also call the emergency services . This is yet another proof of medical care at the scene of the incident. Subsequently, you should go to the emergency services of the nearest Hospital for a more exhaustive medical examination, making sure that all the injuries suffered are recorded, since the amount of compensation will depend to a large extent on this.
  3. Gather the testimony of eyewitnesses to the accident . Your statement is key so that the mode of occurrence of the incident is not questioned. And if it is possible to take photos of the place and / or the element or circumstance that caused the accident. In most of these places, immediately after an accident occurs, they tend to make the reason for it disappear, so photos and witnesses will be the most reliable means of proof to prove what happened.
  4. Put a claim at the scene of the accident . Most of these sites have Customer Service and are required to have Claim Sheets. In them it is essential to record the day, time, exact place, data of the witnesses and that is claimed for the damages suffered.

Finally, immediately put the case in the hands of a lawyer specialized in civil liability, and in the processing of this type of loss, who will advise you from the beginning to obtain the highest compensation.