Public transportation accident attorneys

If you suffer an accident while traveling on any means of public transport (bus, subway, etc.) you should know that you always have the right to receive compensation, thanks to the Compulsory Travel Insurance (SOVI) .

It is very important that you always notify the personnel of the means of transport in which you are traveling, and that you request medical assistance in the same place where you have suffered the accident so that it is recorded. Try to file a claim so that the company has evidence of the accident data, day, time and place where it occurs. Witnesses will also be essential to prove guilt. You must know what to do in case of an accident .

You must also keep the transport document used at the time of the accident.

The types of accidents that can be claimed can be: those that occurred during the trip, those caused by a sudden stop or as a result of the intervention of a third vehicle, or those that occur when getting on or off the public transport of which try, among other cases. There are many ways to claim and means to do so, consult an expert lawyer to help you take all the appropriate steps from the beginning to obtain the maximum compensation.