Serious Accidents and Deaths

At AYT we have known truly dramatic situations with the processing of especially serious traffic accidents , cases that need maximum, continuous and personal attention. For this reason, and having touched each other very closely, we have specialized in managing the defense of the interests of the families of the victims who die as a result of a traffic accident, as well as the cases of serious injuries, with sequelae that they require a particularly delicate intervention and treatment from the beginning.

The processing of these accidents require extensive knowledge in civil liability matters , and the need for a specialized lawyer is absolutely essential so that there is nothing left to claim as compensation.

In these cases, there are many concepts included in the current Traffic Scale that must be managed so that the victim with very serious injuries is permanently cared for. In AYT we process the payment on account by the insurance company responsible for amounts in advance, which allow the victim’s family to face the large economic expenses that can be generated for the full attention and care of the injured.

The procedure to be followed, although in essence, is the same as in any other traffic case, it contains certain peculiarities that must be processed. For example, the severity of the injuries may imply the need to manage, in most cases, a disability, which will be partial, total, absolute or severe disability depending on the entity of the sequelae. At AYT we have an attached department specialized in labor that processes these disabilities, in such a way that the injured person is facilitated with the comprehensive management of their case, without having to go to a different lawyer to process the disability .

Likewise, we have a complete cadre of experts, doctors and experts in the assessment of bodily harm, which we put at the disposal of the victim to help them in the management of their case. Our commitment includes not only the processing of the highest compensation that can be achieved, but also a unique, personal and qualified attention. The important thing is to ensure that the injured person, within the traumatic nature of such an experience, feels accompanied, assisted and advised at all times, which implies personalized attention even on weekends.