Ways and options to claim compensation

  • Extrajudicial : We only recommend extrajudicial management with the insurance company of the person responsible for the damage if the case is advanced and it is not possible to document it or there is a lack of data or evidence. Also for cases in which personal and / or material damage has been minimal. However, it is necessary that this management be put in the hands of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents, experts in negotiating and dealing with insurance companies.
  • Criminal proceedings: The deadline for filing the criminal complaint is 6 months from the date of the accident. The most common procedure is through a Misdemeanor Trial procedure (Articles 621 and 147 of the Penal Code), and exceptionally and in very specific cases it is processed as a crime (Preliminary Proceedings). The injured person will be recognized by the Court’s Forensic Doctor, who will issue a Health Report where the days of hospital, disability, healing and sequelae will be collected. It is very important that the management of the procedure is placed in the hands of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents, used to negotiating with companies, such as Accident and Traffic , so as not to forget to claim for all the concepts to which you are entitled.
  • Civil procedure: The term to file the civil claim is one year, from the date of the accident, since the criminal proceedings were filed, or since the prescription was interrupted. In Accident and Traffic we  recommend this route whenever the accident was of a certain importance and when the fault is recognized to the contrary or is proven by means of a statement, witnesses and other means of proof. In this case, the injured person will provide all the medical documentation related to their injuries and an expert report where they will have been fully assessed. In Accident and TrafficWe have a specialized medical team that will help you in the assessment of all injuries and consequences for the claim, and lawyers specialized in traffic accidents that will guide you to always get the highest compensation.
  • Administrative litigation : it is the procedure to follow when the accident has consisted of a fall on public roads, in the street, parks, etc. and is processed in front of whoever turns out to be the responsible Administration, which on many occasions also has insurance for respond in these types of assumptions. Be sure to get advice from lawyers specialized in the matter. The Accident and Traffic team , made up of traffic accident and civil liability lawyers ,  will be happy to assist you and advise you on the best way to proceed.