What to do in case of an accident?

  • Try to memorize everything that happens. We know that a traffic accident is an unpleasant and even traumatic event, so we consider that, as far as possible, you should try to remain calm and act rationally.
  • Mark the place correctly  to avoid further damage.
  • Whenever possible,  take photos of everything , damage to the vehicles, the objects you were carrying that have been damaged and, if you can, the final position of the accident vehicles before being pulled off the road.
  • Request personal data from eyewitnesses , if they exist. Your testimony in the event of going to trial can be vital to the final outcome of the proceedings.
  • Notify the Police or the Civil Guard as soon as possible  so that they can take statements from those involved and witnesses, check the damage to the vehicles and analyze  “in situ”  possible traces or traces on the road to reconstruct the accident and later draw up a police report .
  • Fill in the friendly part  with the other party. In case this refuses, fill it in yourself and make sure it is as complete as possible and try to ensure that the opposite driver does not leave the place until the Police or Civil Guard arrives.
  • Go to the nearest hospital , whether or not there are serious injuries, for a thorough physical examination. Experience tells us that in most cases in later dates symptoms usually appear that are not appreciated at first.
  • Keep all the documentation related to the accident  (medical reports, friendly report, details of those involved and witnesses, photos, etc.).
  • Finally, remember that you have  7 days  to report the claim to your insurance company. Go to a private lawyer as soon as possible, since the first dates are of great importance and always choose  traffic accident lawyers , who are the ones who will be able to advise you better from the beginning.


  • Once you have gone to the doctor and have reported to your insurance company, get in touch with an independent and specialist traffic accident lawyer, who is an expert in claiming compensation for traffic accidents, to advise you from the beginning both medically and legally. The first days are very important.
  • In no case do you accept an offer from the opposing company or allow a doctor belonging to said insurer to visit you, as this will look after the interests of the company, and not its recovery.